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This is a culmination of 8 years of Yoga Teacher Training experience;

A very focused 3 weekends ( 60hrs certification) course for all qualified teachers who feel they want to move forward with their own practice as well as bringing new/different philosophy to their teaching practice.

 An intensive and demanding refresher course spread over 3 weekends (Sat and Sun) spread over a 3 months period starting January 25th/ 26th,  March 21st/22ndand April 25th/26th 2020

 The course is open to all certificated teachers, with a minimum of 2 years of yoga practice and teaching classes.

 Throughout the 3 weekends all teachers will be encouraged, mentored and tutored to increase/add to their knowledge and to achieve their goal by working through a range of Sam Rao’s chosen subjects. 

This refresher course is specifically designed around recommendations from Yoga Alliance and a 60hrs certificate will be issued on completion.

 My commitment is to encourage teachers to explore and develop their personal practice and then add what they learn to their teaching practice. Focus of this refresher course is to enable teachers to;
a) Understand use of remedial yoga postures and pranayama.
b) Only teaching what you do and practice yourself.
All training will be focused upon:  
a) Increasing knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology.
b) Understanding common ailments in our communities and mapping yoga asanas towards remedial practice for self and for your students.

 My wish is that through this kind of training you will become that yoga teacher who encourages everyone, in their community, towards managing good-health.

 Over the Three week-ends you will study:

  • Remedial Yoga asanas. For common ailments.
  • Good bed-sidemanners and adjusting techniques.
  • Teaching practice.Teaching postures to your peers and to visiting students, thus enhancing and adding to your own style of teaching.
  • Pranayama,practicing and teaching the four main pranayamas.
  • Philosophy.Discussing and learning from modern teachers and their books.
  • Anatomy & Physiology. Understanding the science through practical examples on use of remedial yoga postures for common ailments. This is, and will remain a major part of my own practice and my teaching.
  • Yoga for Men. using statistics and some changes in language to engage men in classes.

Email Sam:  [email protected]