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why choose sam rao
Sam is a senior yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. He has a unique style of teaching that unites pupil and teacher in an atmosphere of fun and wellbeing.

Sam teaches with enthusiasm, and brings warmth and clarity to his explanations, enabling his students to easy visualise and work with the body. 
He’s also well known for his attention to detail and precision in postures. At all times encouraging his students to extend their potential and to work through their limitations.
It's Sam’s intention to develop a world-class yoga school that concentrates on teaching excellence, developing supportive teacher communities, and promoting yoga as an integral part of everyone’s daily health routine.

Our Yoga Alliance approved courses are fun, friendly and ego-free – helping you to immerse yourself completely in the learning process, and become part of our growing yoga teacher family.

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As a Trainer Plus accredited course, we are producing very high quality yoga teachers by focusing the course on teaching. This is an exclusive membership with Yoga Allaince Professionals as it adheres to very high standards and requirements. All students joining this course must have strong self practice ( 5/6 days a week ) and be willing to work very hard on the course

  • At least 20% of this course is dedicated to TEACHING time.
  • We offer trainees the opportunity for ongoing teaching practice by assisting in public classes
  • The SYT, Sam Rao teaches a minimum of 70% of the course

Pre-course assessment

  • Students must have a minimum of 2 years consistant self-practice ( 5-6 days per week) before joining the course and must be proficient in all asanas to be used in the course
  • There will be an assessment day to interview students and determine weather you are ready for the course
  • We will be offering post-course mentoring and further training to our graduates