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This is by far the most common question I get.
The Yoga I teach is very traditional. Karuna yoga concentrates on precision. You do not have to be “fit” to build a Yoga practice. After attending some classes everyone finds that postures become easier. The body starts to become supple and muscles begin to gain strength. Size of the person has no bearing on being able to do Yoga, neither does your age or sex! 

Can yoga help me lose weight? 
Yes and No.
Iyengar yoga stretches, strengthens and tones your muscles. You will find improvement in your posture so you look and feel better. As your muscles get toned your body shape will change.
Weight is also a mind thing; however weight loss does come, as the Yoga practice progresses.
I get asked this question a lot!
All my classes are made up of a mixture of people with mixed Yoga abilities. This way every beginner gets a chance to learn and move towards deeper and more advanced postures. The progress you make is personal to you. In the class everyone does the same postures but the extent to which you take the posture depends on your personal physical ability. As your body moves further you will be able to take the stretches further.
Can people with a medical condition do yoga? 
 I am no doctor so the first answer must come from your doctor. If you let me know what physical challenges you have, then I can modify postures to suit you, you may find yoga improves or eases the physical challenges.

You can do yoga when you are pregnant or have back aches or knee problems. It is just a matter of being aware and doing Yoga to benefit the body.
What should I wear and bring? 
 It is best to wear loose clothing. Towards the end of the class there is always a relaxation period so bring a blanket and a pair of socks to wear as you relax and your body cools down. Invest in a yoga mat as most venues have wooden floors. 
Top Yoga Tips 
  • Yoga is for everyone - shape, size and age make no difference to yoga practice.
  • Go and try classes until you find a teacher you are comfortable with.
  • Always tell your teacher what you feel is your challenge.
  • Become interested in the inside of your body - just as much as the outside.
  • Back, neck and shoulder aches, in most cases are just energy blocks - easy to release with simple postures.
  • Use yoga postures to cleanse and strengthen your immune system.
  • Go to classes where you are encouraged to be precise about postures, good alignment means no injuries.
  • Practice alongside more experienced yogis